Why LaiThai?

Laithai gives the premium quality of tropical fruits originated from Thailand, where there is an abundance of fresh fruits. It makes people to experience the authentic Thai taste and culture. The perfect combination of various flavors cannot be found anywhere. Freeze dried and dehydrated fruits are dried at their peak ripeness, preserving the nutrients and flavors at their best. This guarantee best tasting fruit every time. At Laithai, we delivered all the highest quality and committed revolutionizing the way of having fruits. Munch fruits and smile with the Land of Thai.

Vacuum Freeze-Dried

Durian Monthong, Munch with authentic taste

Durian Monthong is known as “King of Fruits” which is full of vitamins, protein and calcium. We thoroughly select the high-quality Durian with thick flesh and sweet aroma. The high-technology machine with international standard can guarantee to produce Durian Freeze-Dried at the best quality while preserving all significant nutrients. You can enjoy the natural sweetness, crispy texture, appearance and authentic aroma from LaiThai.


Durian has rich of vitamin and organic chemicals, which produced free radicals and it can be metastasized tumorous growths.


Consume enough of durian, delaying the appearance of symptoms.


Durian contains high level of dietary fiber, which help to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

Enhance immunity

Antioxidants like vitamin C keep immune system working in the best shape.

Premium Soft Dried Mango,

Much with authentic taste

Mango, the healthy tropical fruit, is one of the most well-known fruit in Thailand, providing full of taste and goodness to our health. Using advanced technology of dehydration is to preserve the freshness as well as all significant nutrients without loss. This process enables mango to simply have a better texture and become tastier. So, “Laithai” precisely select the finest mango from trees to ensure the highest quality on shelves as we intend to offer the maximum benefits to our customers.

Improve Eye Health

Mangoes are abundance of vitamin A, which improve eyesight and prevents night blindness as well.

Cure Acne

Mangoes are rich of vitamin A, this can aid skin growth and repair, as well as reducing fine lines.

Aid in Weight gain

Mangoes contains high level of dietary fiber, which can be a great contributor towards weight loss .

Boost Immunity

Mangoes has wealth of vitamin C and vitamin A, plus 25 different kinds of carotenoids keep immune system working in the better shape.

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